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Acupuncture is a traditional system of medicine with a history of over 8000 years. It originated around 6000 B.C approximately in China. The general perception is that acupuncture involved usage of needles over various parts of the body to cure ailments. Its history shows that this perception is not true. Originally, it involved stimulating one point in a person’s body using a single fine needle or by touching a particular point. Over the years, acupuncture underwent changes in China such that, Practitioners started using multiple needles, supplementary herbal medicine, mechanical instrumental aids etc.

By definition, Classical Acupuncture involved stimulating a single point (using a needle or touch). Modern Acupuncture resorts to treating / stimulating multiple points, supplementary medicines etc. and is a deviation from the original acupuncture philosophy. To quote Wei Ping, the Father of Acupuncture, “10,000 diseases can be cured by stimulating a single point…” Moreover, when acupuncture originated (i.e. around 6000 BC), China had not discovered metal. Hence, metal needles could not have existed around that period. However, ancient books and manuscripts available in libraries and archives indicate that acupuncture existed around that time. Hence, ‘touch’ seems to be prevalent method used in acupuncture treatment when it originally started.

Acupuncture can cure all type of diseases and ailments ranging from common cold, headache etc to bigger ailments. Under classical acupuncture, patients experience relief either in the first sitting itself or usually in a couple of sittings, depending on severity of problems and the patient’s body constitution. The time gap between two sittings is usually between 7 days (1 week) to 15 days (2 weeks).

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